Monday, 2 September 2013

Happy Labour Day!

Hola amigos!

Happy Labour Day!  I started the celebrations off by sleeping in until 7... But at least the cats are enjoying the day off and are still in bed.

The kitchen ceiling is installed!  Mom and I rocked it for 5 hours on Saturday but it's done!

'kay - apologies for the sideways pics - they saved on my laptop the correct view ie. landscape and I don't know how to rotate them (if I even can) in the post. :-(

Anyhoo, you get the gist.  They are tongue and groove pine - super labour intensive but look great with the vintage of the house.  I just need to lightly sand the butt joints, put up finish trim and then paint the ceiling. Then we can get on with finishing this effing project.  I've given myself till Thanksgiving.

I don't know where the summer went but good lawd!  It feels like it passed by so quickly.

Aislinn starts school on the 3rd and is looking forward to seeing her friends again.   I'm good with the positive attitude.

My task for this upcoming week is to start the new job hunt in earnest - kinda looking forward to it and kinda not.  But the end goal is a full-time job (the label- I work full time hours) doing project and facilities management/project management with paid vacay and hopefully benefits and pension.

Mentally, in a better place and just taking it day by day.  We all get into dark places but it's the getting out that tests your mettle.

Some money minding tips I've put in place for myself (just finished reading Gail Vaz-Oxlade's Money Rules):
I borrow my mags I want to read from my local library - free and no clutter!
Same with books
Borrow bigger tools that I don't need all the time instead of buying
Do what repairs I can and renos (with 'rents help - God love 'em!) myself

That's it for now gang - have a great Monday off!

Sunday, 28 July 2013


Yep - I don't EVEN want to look at the date of my last post.

But the important thing is I'm here now merrily typing away.

Wow - where to start?

This will be a pic-free post - just sayin'.

I get so caught up in the slow reno progress of my house that I get embarrassed to update the blog.  Then I remind myself that this isn't a home reno blog - it's just an update of my life. :-)

So, in no particular order:

The kitchen ceiling - tongue and groove pine is going in slowllllllyyyyy but surely.  It looks kick-ass.
Not sure if I mentioned before that my work buddy Franco came and did his drywall compound magic on my walls - not once but 3 times folks and well, it's a thing of beauty.  A light sanding and priming and BOOM!  We're ready for paint.
I started the closet at the top of the stairs that will be mine - it's stalled at the moment. The nice weather came and honestly, I lost interest in renovating cause I wanted to enjoy the weather.
Girlfriend did a Roller Derby Crash Course - pretty sure I was in the upper age limits of all of us there and PASSED AND was invited to proceed to level 2 as well as join the league.  All very cool and flattering until I found out the huge time and money commitment - neither of which I have. Boo.
Passed my M2 test and am ready to go.

Aislinn, my beautiful girl, turned 8 at the beginning of the month and I just don't know where the f!@# time went.  She is smart, funny, sassy and makes me laugh.  Lots of attitude in that little body... She's growing up so fast that I'm so proud of her and yet, it's so damn poignant.

The love life or more aptly, lack-of-love life is a joke.  It can only improve right? Right?

I gotta confess - I've been in a shittay place for the last few months.  It's not every day - more during the times when Aislinn isn't with me but holy shit when the day is dark - it's dark.  Too many times lately the only thing that keeps me on this earthly plane is my little boo.  Hard typing this cause that's not how I roll.  I'm using to being strong and now that I'm feeling kinda vulnerable and fragile - dealing with the dark ain't easy.  This isn't a 'poor me, feel sorry for me' rant - just stating where I've been.

I've also kinda hermitted myself away and not seeing a lot of my friends in the city - that's going to change cause I miss my peeps.

Anyhoo, no need to worry as I will bounce back - always do.  Just being honest and typing about how things are.

I hope you're all enjoying this summer - I'm enjoying the hot weather cause gawd knows, we don't get much of it for long.

Until next time, keep calm and sangria on.